How Successful Coaches Launch Their Digital Products Online Without Stress And Losing Sleep


You’re almost there.

Like many coaches who are launching their digital products for the very first time, you’re probably excited and worried about how it will go…!

Because thoughts like these just won’t go away…

“What if no one buys it?”

“What if no one likes my post?”

“What if nothing happens?”

If this is you, read on…

I’m Mafe and I’m a product launch online business manager and a coach who’s best known for helping coaches and consultants in managing their product launches online through my 6-Step Profit Maximizer Strategy.

If you want to know how I do it…

What Can I Do To Help?

If you’re a coach who’s struggling to LAUNCH your course online and wants to take the management stuff off your plate… I can help you in three ways…

I take over the manager hat

…and help you delegate tasks effectively so they can focus on being the CEO and drive your business to greater heights!

I take-off the tech and admin stuff

…so that you can free up your time and do things you actually LOVE!

I Help You Scale Your Business FAST that you can experience more freedom as a CEO.Whatever you need, my goal is to take out the burden and TIME it cost you to launch your products and services, so you can dedicate MORE TIME TO HELP YOUR CLIENTS.Think of it this way – I’ll be your PERSONAL Product Launch Department.

So you can:


From Thriving Coach to 7-Figure CEOs

Here are just some of the things we can work on together:

How can I be your online business manager?

Step # 1: Breakthrough Call

You will book a 45-minutes “100% no-pitch” BREAKTHROUGH CALL where we dive deep on your struggles with launching your own course online.You will let me know your needs, goals and what plans you have. I’ll see where and how I can help to make them happen.

Step # 2: Strategy Document

After our call, give me up to 5 working days, and I’ll give you a DETAILED and personalized STRATEGY DOCUMENT designed to solve your problems (whatever we discussed during the call) and hit your goals.

Step # 3: Settle the upfront payment

SETTLE THE UPFRONT PAYMENT so we can start  with the project.NOTE: Rest assured that the strategy will be designed to enable you to implement it right away.I’ll give my 100% to your product launch, so you can give 100% to your clients.I want to be THAT woman to remove the “thinking” for your product launch, so you can FOCUS on “doing”.

Love notes from Clients and Trusted Coaches

“Because of Marife’s help in the team, we were able to launch our second event, with far less burdens on us. She helped us manage many moving pieces during the challenge, helped you stay on tasks and accomplish many different things we need to do.

She goes far beyond any tasks that is assigned to her. She takes the process and makes it her own.

She has a very special gifting of being able to take a bunch of complex things and put them in a way that makes it very easy for us that allows us to keep us accountable with the process so we’ll get things done.

We actually ended up doing over 6-Figures in this event. So I’m just so thankful that Marife is part of the team. She just really really helped us to stay highly organized and efficient. Without her, I just know that our results would have been different and we would have so much more stress.”

– Jordan Hoopingarner

Mafe is my super-awesome-I-can’t-live without project manager. I love working with her because she knows exactly the “ins” and “outs” of a real internet business. If you want to get results fast, listen to her and just do it.

Jon Orana, Negosyo University Founder

Working with Marife has been the most productive 3 weeks since the day I shifted my career. With the knowledge I acquired in her course, I would be able to reach my goals faster and become successful sooner. 

Jazz Bigornia, Financial Literacy Advocate

Mafe is generous in giving us her trade secrets so we will because successful as well. She keeps on pushing us to do our best! And for that, I am truly grateful to my young mentor, coach, and inspiration. If she can do it, so can we!”

Ida Inocencio Delos-Reyes, Blogger/Interior Designer

“If you are considering working with her, she is absolutely phenomenal. She was able to help us do $60,000 in additional revenue in that event.And since then, she got my systems in order, she’s got my people in order, and she keeps me on track.She does a phenomenal job of getting the vision that God has given me and put it on the systems that work and gets results for our business and our clients.So I never thought that being here in the United States and working with someone in the Philippines will be able to produce this good system and organization but I’m more than pleasantly surprised to find that Marife has exceeded my expectations and regularly goes above and beyond for our business especially when we’ve had events, I know she has really gone the extra mile and I can’t thank her enough.She is an absolute blessing on our team and to our organization, the clients, the team, she got a great communication skill, I highly recommend Marife Rosas if you are considering a new Online Business Manager for you and your team.”-Rev. Ron GelokFounder of Christ-Centered Coaching

As an entrepreneur we really need help. From people to help us grow our businesses and one of those people that has help me a lot who is Marife Rosas. She’s been managing my projects. Make sure that we are hitting all at KPI’s. Make sure that all our projects are running smoothly. Again if you’re looking for someone to help you out just check out Marife Rosas work.-Jon OranaFounder of Negosyo University

​Marife has been lifechanging to our business. She has been a VA, executive assistant, a business manager, a tech-go to support person, a client interfacing individual, somebody who handles our customer support desk, she has put together our email sequence together, and setup very extensive stack for us and it’s been incredible.We could not do what we’ve done so far without her support.She is highly recommended.-Shawn QuinteroHigh Ticket Sales Coach

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