As promised, today I will continue to share to you the 2nd characteristic of successful entrepreneur that puts them to be ahead of their craft.

It is leadership.

I noticed that most of the entrepreneurs I’ve known have this. They are like antenna tower that perceives, process, and delivers the needs of the people they are serving.

But what makes a good leader?

Self-Awareness: Good Entrepreneurs know very well what are their strengths and weakness. You know the things that they need to be done, and things to delegate. You know your capabilities and limitations that will lead you even more to the desired results that you want to have.

Self-Direction: You’re able to direct yourself effectively and powerfully. You know how to get things done, how to organize tasks and how to avoid procrastination.  You know how to generate energy for projects, to calm yourself when angered. You can make decisions quickly when necessary, but can also slow to consider all the options on the table.

Good Entrepreneur is always ahead. You just do it. You don’t need anyone to push you, but you do it for yourselves.

Vision: You have to understand that it is important to always look forward on things that are “greater than yourself”, that’s vision. And if you have that you will always move forward no matter how big your odds might be. But you go ahead because you’re not only doing it for your personal gain but for greater things that you believe, can help not only yourself but for the people that you are serving too.

Good Entrepreneurs are listeners. They pay attention to the problems and the frustration of the people they are serving and provide a solution to help them.

Remember, your role as an entrepreneur is so essential. And if your desire is to really help people, I pray that you will begin to develop this trait and apply it in your business.

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