About a month ago, I met Ashley (not her real name). A 25-years old young professional who is single but has a lot of responsibilities in her family.

She was responsible for the college education of her younger sister.

She wants to start a business for the sole reason of supporting her whole family.

“Mafe, I really wanted to provide all the needs of my sister and my whole family, I am their bread winner and if mawalan ako ng trabaho magugutom talaga ang pamilya ko at di ko rin mapagtatapos ang kapatid ko”

“I have my whole family, pero ang sweldo ko pang single lang”. She added.

Sure, I have a good job, but it’s my long time dream to start my own business and have “more than enough” not only to help my whole family but for my own fulfillment as well.

But I don’t have capital and time to start, pagkatapos ng trabaho pagod na ko, kasi most of the time nag O.O.T pa kami na nauuwi pa sa O.T.Y (Oh Thank You) lang ang bayad!, alam mo naman ako bread winner sa pamilya ko.

But I really want to change Mafe. I wanted to grow as a person

I told her, “Capital and Time is not the true problem. It’s desire to change!


Working ka man o tambay.

Bata o feeling bata lang.

We all have 24 hours a day.

We all know that many successful entrepreneurs started with a very little capital, but they have the desire- that leads them to take ACTIONS.

If you’ll take my advice in “Starting your own business without quitting your job yet”. It’s about taking baby steps of building your own business without taking a lot of risks.

I designed it for someone with a full-time job who can run a business part-time like Ashley.

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