It’s my pleasure and privilege to share with you the learning’s, and realizations I got from my daily life.

So let’s start…

There are only 2 tools we need to use to make sure that today will never be the same again. For us to make sure that It will be a wonderful and victorious year for you.

  1. DECIDE – Nothing will happen if we don’t take “personal decision” to ourselves.

I want to repeat, it must be a “Personal decision” It means, you must take charge of your own life and decide what you want it to become. Do not depend on any other people, it must be personal.


The decision is a COMMITMENT – when we say commitment, I must not be broken. And the only way is to GET IT. No other options are present. ONLY TO ACHIEVE WHAT YOU REALLY WANT. In other words, it’s FOCUS “Finish one course until Success”.

The moment you make a decision doesn’t mean your life will be completely transformed. But it is the starting point for you. And for you to start doing it, you should

“Make a decision to cut off any other options and stick to ONE thing.” That’s DECISION.


  1. DARE – Is the power of FAITH. It is the decision that you go boldly towards your goals in life.

But like what the bible says, FAITH without ACTION is dead.
What do we need to do is to step out of our comfort zones or things that you are used to be, and started to challenge yourself to be better day after day.

Despite your past or other people told you. You still dare to fight and take action always towards the attainment of your goals.

You must be taking little by little action. The most important thing is you are moving forward.
We must dare and believe that we can do it.

If we fail, at least we learned one thing that cannot be done and Improve on our next try.

Sometimes that’s how we succeed. We fail, fail, fail until there’s no space for you to fail again and that’ the time we succeed.

We should not run and be afraid of failure of trying.

The sure thing in this journey is that you might stumble and fall but at the end of the day you the most important thing is your progress!  And your progress will bring success to you.

If you have the faith he will make impossible possible.


We have to Dare and take action towards the things that we want to achieve.


We have to Dare and challenge ourselves to be better and be achieved this time.


We have to Dare and use our FAITH no matter what.


I have good news for you. These tools are FREE AND AVAILABLE for you! You have all the power and control to handle it rightly.


Just use it!


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Praying for your Success & Happiness,


Founder of Christian Infopreneurs Academy
Author/Infopreneur/Financial Advocate