The truth is I really prayed for this opportunity for me to meet her in person and just “try” if she has Time, for me to ask her some questions on “How she did it”. From being an ordinary “employee” as most of us was, she is now already living a life that most of us want to have.


A life with “Time and Financial Freedom”. Since I know that she is a very busy person and have a lot of meeting engagements I thought that It would not be possible that time.

But do you know what?  Prayers really work 🙂 We have given a chance to talk to her at least for one hour. Can you believe that? ..that meeting is really a great blessing for us 🙂

Let me share with you a little background about Sha 🙂 it is really a big privilege in my part to know her in person 🙂

During that very short conversation we had with her, Sha taught me a lot of things in life.

Let me echo to you what are some of those things 🙂 are you excited to know it? .. just keep reading my friends… 🙂
But do you know what? I’m much more excited to share these things with you for you to benefit as well 🙂

Here are my realizations during that conversation:

1. “We never lose in life, We only gain”

-Maybe you will ask me, Gain in what way Mafe?…

I tried traditional business I failed, I tried MLM and it didn’t work out for me, I lost Time & Money doing those things…And I didn’t succeed.

Yes, maybe that’s what happened to you or maybe you experience lost in a different way.

But let us think together and try to analyze, What are the things in our life right now that you can say maybe you will not achieve or you will not become if you didn’t face that setback?… For me there’s a lot!… and I’m sure you have a lot of things in your life that you can say to yourself that you really gain! 🙂
Personally, I GAIN in terms of experience, ideas, character, strength, hard work, courage, maturity, perseverance, and most importantly in my relationship with other people and with God (To make it simple to understand, i really grow inside because I learned my lessons and I can say that those setbacks made me a much better person 🙂 ) and I really believe you have the same realizations as well that at the end of the day you can really say to yourself that It’s all worth it!  Like I did when I look back and try to understand and learn from those things 🙂

2. Always say YES when you have given an opportunity to use your talents and passion to Serve others

-“All our goals in life can be achieved, It is already given, sometimes It just takes Time”. But those Time are the best time for us to discover our Passion, Hone it,  and use it to serve others. We just need to persevere 🙂

3.  Humbleness
 – even Sha didn’t discuss this topic by her own words, Sha “show” it to us, that’s why I don’t have any questions why she is so blessed right now :-).

The truth is she have choice not to talk to us or give an excuse because I know in the first place that she is so busy person (has a lot of much more important things to do 🙂 ) but instead, she gave time, listen to us, and generously shared her wisdom, and answer all our questions in a very honest way. – I really admire you Sha for that 🙂

There are a lot of leanings that I want to share you about this conversation but I realize this article is a bit long for today so I decided to give you the Part 2 of this conversation in my next post 🙂

P.s: Thanks Sha for sharing with us your precious time and wisdom. For answering all our questions in a very doable and easy to understand way. And most importantly for guiding us the way out to Shangrila mall. Lols 🙂

Thanks for all the refreshing ideas that you shared with us, that really refreshed me literally! (That’s why I can’t sleep that night..)

Thanks for a very special message you wrote in my copy of your book. It keeps me motivated to always take forward actions toward my passion. Thank u soo much Sha.! 🙂

But above all, I want to thank God for all the provisions. And guidance. Thank you, Lord, so much.:-)

And thank you to “my friend”, yes, you!  Who is reading this post right now, for giving your precious time to read this simple article? Till next post my friends :-)………

May God give you all the desires of your hearts 🙂


Praying for your Success & Happiness,



Founder of Christian Infopreneurs Academy
Author/Infopreneur/Financial Advocate