It’s My Birthday Today! – Thanks for Being a Huge Part of my Journey

While praying this morning, I had tears of joy. I was so grateful to God for everything he showered upon my life.

Looking back at the past months, all I could say is that everything is just amazing. Yes, the road that I took this year was not easy at all, I’ve done many things that is not “norm” for me or part of my comfort zone , but

1 trait that you need to get the desires of your heart

She’s 84 years old, can’t walk much, she can’t even stand for few minutes because she said, “Sumasakit ang tuhod ko” but what caught my attention is her attitude that I think very essential for people who want to succeed in everything that you do, “She never gave up!”.

24 Life Lessons I’ve learned in 24 years of Living

Today, I turn 24 years old.

Parang kelan lang naaalala ko pa na naglalaro pa ko na 10-20. Habulan, bahay-bahayan, tumbang preso, agawan base, goma, text, togs, tanzan, jolens, etc. Hehe.

Yes, you heard it right.


Today I just want to share some “#hugot” that I learned last night that can be helpful to you as well. You’ll surely enjoy it. Just click the link below to read the full #hugot moments with Fitz and the rest of the team:-)

An Exclusive Interview w/ “Money & Me Author”-Sha Nacino

The truth is I really prayed for this opportunity for me to meet her in person and just “try” if she has Time, for me to ask her some questions on “How she did it”. From being an ordinary “employee” as most of us was, she is now already living a life that most of us want to have.

My Favorite Way To Make My Own Ideal Day

I wake up a bit late today, Time check: 5:45 am. Maybe for some, it is still early but for me, it is super late. Hehe.. But do you know what? GOD is just amazing because He still gave me more than enough time to make this day super motivating & productive for me. How […]