To People Who Are Afraid To Fail

Not so long ago, I had simple but very memorable bonding with my friends.  In that bonding, one of my friends tried riding zipline, and me? I am there at the end of zip-line destination to take photos for her…hehe:-) Do you know why? Because at the back of my mind, I am afraid to […]

Experts Interview 101 – with Genesis Reonico

Let’s all learn from one of my Mentor, Sir Genesis Reonico. Wow! , Today is our 3rd Episode in Experts Interview 101. If you haven’t watched the full interview of our past episodes, just click the link below: Episode 1: Experts Interview 101 with Jon Orana Episode 2: Experts Interview 101 with Fitz Villafuerte Today […]

Experts Interview 101 – with Fitz Villafuerte

Let’s Learn Together with our 2nd Episode Wotwot! Today is our 2nd Episode in Experts Interview 101. If you haven’t watched the full interview on our First Episode, with Sir Jon Orana, You can watch it here. Today will be very special because one of the people who first taught me about “Personal Finance” through […]

Experts Interview 101 – with Jon Orana

  Do you ever dream of having your own business? What if this business requires you to do things that you are really passionate about? That would be “Awesome!” right? Recently, we made an exciting Facebook live to interview one successful businessman, watch our behind the scene moments here: Today will be very special […]

How To Be An Exceptional Christian Infopreneur

In order to be a good Infopreneur we need to at least tend to the “needs” of those we serve. And If we want to be exceptional, we need to meet their “wishes” as well. My message for today is if you want to be an exceptional Infopreneur, do not only do what is normal, […]

1 Trait that All Christian Infopreneurs Must Have

Many Aspiring Christian Infopreneurs are stuck with their Journey because they never know how powerful they are.  How their God-given talents can become a blessing to many people. Today, I shared in this video below 1 Trait that is a MUST for all Christian Infopreneurs. Discipline could be called the application of determination to achieve […]

Speak About Ideas More Than Things or People

Magandang buhay Christian Infopreneur! Today, I recorded 1 essential habit that maybe you despised for so long, at di mo namamalayan dahil dito di ka nakakamove forward sa information business that you wanted to start. Unconsciously, it slowly pulling you down and blocks you to to the success that you wanted for so long. Many Aspiring […]

How to Overcome Hindrances and move forward as an Infopreneur

Hi Christian Infopreneur, Welcome to My 4th Video blog. In case you missed our first 3 Vblog you may click the links below to learn and grow in your journey as an Infopreneur. Tips to Move forward as an Infopreneur My Interview with Mr. Billie Bautista 3 Helpful reminders to all Christian Infopreneurs Today, my […]

Tips To Move Forward With Your Career As An Infopreneur

Move on move on din pag may time:-) Happy Weekends sayo Christian Infopreneur! Recently I made a short survey to all of you and most of you said that one of the huge hindrances that block you to move forward in honing your God-given talents is “Lack of Time” & “Lack of Money”. In this […]

My Interview with Mr. Billie Bautista

Hi Christian Infopreneur! As promised, here’s my Interview to Mr. Billie Bautista: Discover his God-given talents, how he used that talent to transition from being an employee to an Infopreneur (working from his home) and eventually use that to inspire other people. Let’s learn together from his story and be challenged: “If he did it, […]