Many Aspiring Christian Infopreneurs are stuck with their Journey because they never know how powerful they are.  How their God-given talents can become a blessing to many people.

Today, I shared in this video below 1 Trait that is a MUST for all Christian Infopreneurs.

Discipline could be called the application of determination to achieve a known goal despite any and all personal obstacles.

We will notice that successful people have discipline. The reason why many fail is because they fail to have discipline. Those who do not have discipline will always have an “excuse” ready to justify the fact that they always divert from their focus and target.

Excuses like:
-Ang hirap kasi ng Online business, di ako “techie” (Believe me, I am not techie as well, kapa kapa talaga ako ng una pati nga ngayon minsan nangangapa padin pero I keep going kasi yun yung tama, and that’s part of my discipline to my self)

Ang hirap ng online business kasi di naman ako writer, panu ako makakagawa ng libro nito. (I am not as well, di nga ako makapaniwala na nakapagsulat ako ng 5 books (take note: I have busy schedule din like you) there are other options: like outsourcing or “barter” – hal. You are not talented in writing, tapos meron kang writer na kilala then di naman sya magaling sa design pwede kayo magbarter.

Discipline should start from small things. If you cannot have discipline in small things, you will never have discipline in the important things either.

Pray & fight for it every day.

You can even start by sleeping early and waking up early as well so that you can have “focused time” for your business before doing your responsibilities.

Have your own daily target for your business and start to become a disciplined person.


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