I was doing some paper works today, My Superior is speaking to someone and after their conversation, she told me this statement: “Ang Pinakamasarap talaga na edad ay ang edad ni Marife! and that’s me 🙂  !”, and She added, hirap talaga tumanda parang …

ayaw ko ng magnew year, sana pabaliktad nalang and edad! Hehe…

You know what, I really admire my superior for being that hard working, and She is Really rich, but hearing her “Wishing” for something that is quite impossible (na pabalikin ang oras) I find it so funny (not to mention that she is a serious and strict woman- so jokes coming from her must be really big deal for me..HEHE), but I keep on silence with a smile on my face 🙂 , and continue what I am doing that time.

But do you know what, I realize that those words has a wisdom on it and it reminds me of two things that are very important for all of us: the first thing is: MONEY CAN’T BUY WASTED TIME – Sure, my boss is a multi-millionaire, but she can’t buy even a second of her past time.

And the second thing is: To be thankful because I still have a CHANCE.  Because like what my superior said, I still have a lot of time to do things I have to do. And the good thing is Chance is open for all of us, no matter what your age is.

Today’s Message is simple: “Use every second that you have productively!”

When I say “Productively” It doesn’t mean that you need to do more things in a day, and make yourself so exhausted to achieve it. When I say this, I mean, make sure that every second you spend must help you grow in all areas of your life, and make you truly happy”

Days wherein, every time you wake up and before you go to bed, you can say: Thank you, Lord, for a very productive day! Thanks for helping me to grow day after day! 🙂

Like what most people says: “Life is a CHOICE!” Make sure that what you choose will truly make you fulfilled.

Sometimes we need some quiet time that only God and You are in that place.  That’s the right time for you to ask yourself, “Am I Truly Happy?”, “Am I really doing the right thing?”, etc.

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Praying for your Success & Happiness,



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