Let’s all learn from one of my Mentor, Sir Genesis Reonico.

Wow! , Today is our 3rd Episode in Experts Interview 101.

If you haven’t watched the full interview of our past episodes, just click the link below:
Episode 1: Experts Interview 101 with Jon Orana

Episode 2: Experts Interview 101 with Fitz Villafuerte

Today will be very special because for sure we will learn a lot from our guest today.

He is a Digital Branding & Marketing Consultant, Founder of OnlineJobsUniversity.com, and a Professional Speaker and Certified Trainer.

Let’s all learn from one of my Mentor, Coach Genesis Reonico.

To Watch the Full Interview Here

Here are the key takeaways of our Episode today.


In this short interview, Coach Genesis Reonico shared:
– He’s light bulb moments of becoming an Entrepreneur.
– Tips for people who want to pursue Online Job career.
– How can you overcome your self-doubts?
– Where can you find jobs online?
– Free resources that will help you start your Online Job.
– How can you as a “newbie”, start your advocacy even though you are not an expert or no one knows you at first.
– Best advice for you who wanted to start your coaching business.
– His 1 daily habit that makes him happy and successful in everything he does.

and much more.




Thanks to my super supportive Classmates and friends, Shoden San of (Shoot Practical Videography School) and Billie Bautista (Pocket Size Life Coach) for helping me to make this splendid interview episode.

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      I’m working on a new program now the why the interview series available before is down. I’m working on Additional Experts Interview to give more value. I’ll post it once I’m done with all the interviews. Pls. keep posted. God bless you.