Do you ever dream of having your own business?

What if this business requires you to do things that you are really passionate about?

That would be “Awesome!” right?

Recently, we made an exciting Facebook live to interview one successful businessman, watch our behind the scene moments here:

Today will be very special because I will be starting a new program called: “Experts Interview 101”

Where in I will be interviewing successful business people online to help us grow even more with the business that we are starting to put up and also to people who are hesitant if this business is for them?

Today’s 1st Episode is very special because I will be interviewing one people who are already living a “Lifestyle” that many people are just dreaming about He is a Christian, and a very successful Online Entrepreneur / Infopreneur.

He created very successful programs such as Money Tree System, Blog Academy, and Internet Business Master Class which generated over 24 Million Pesos up as per my last update.

He has helped over 10,000 Filipinos who wanted to start their own business and continuously helping especially people who wanted to “Escape” with their 8-5 jobs and turn their dreams into reality.

He is sharing his thoughts in his blogs: and

In fact, I am a graduate of his– Internet Business Master Class – an online course I attended that enabled me to build my Online business.

Let’s all learn from my Coach, no other than, Mr. Jon Orana:

To Watch the Full Interview Here

Here are the key takeaways our Episode today.

– Jon’s story while he is still in the cubicle world
– What made him decide to share his knowledge with his fellow Filipino’s
– What made him decide to become an entrepreneur
– How he transitioned from Corporate Employee to Entrepreneur
– What are the biggest challenges he faced in the cubicle world and how he overcome
– How did he manage his day while he is still an employee
– Daily habits that help him to keep going
– How he balances his life
– Best advice for all aspiring Christian entrepreneurs
– How his faith affects him in his business

and much more.

Negosyo University
Blog Academy Philippines

Thanks to my super supportive Classmates and friends, Shoden San of (Shoot Practical Videography School) and Billie Bautista (Pocket Size Life Coach) for helping me to make this splendid interview episode.

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