Daddy, please buy that ice-cream for me….! Oh! Daddy, I want that balloon too :-)!” (Little Carlos optimistically requested his Dad)

His Dad swiftly picks up his wallet and bought what Carlos wanted just to make him blissful.

In the little corner of the school, there was this 7 years old girl named Jane, watching this father and son enjoying each other’s company. Like many another child, Jane loves to eat chocolate ice-cream and always wanted to have her red balloon…

She looked behind here, but no one was there.

No daddy to drag and buy him her favorite ice-cream & red balloon.

As a little child she didn’t understand that situation, she has a lot of questions that they kept running his mind, such us:

“Why is that my classmates have a daddy, why do I don’t have?”

“Why is that in every family event, my classmates are complete, but me I don’t have one?”

“Why is that every time I need my Dad, he is never there?”

“Why is that every time I wish I have a complete family picture, I know that it will never come true because ever since he’s always unattended?”

That young mind kept on questioning & trying to understand what her Mom used to tell her about his dad (they are all good things), but Jane never understands.

As Jane, grow up…

Those questions & pains stayed in her heart. She has a lot of unanswered questions, the explanations that even though she tried to understand she never comprehend; those somehow made her strong and have a callous heart.

But everything changed when she finally meets her Dad….

She hugged him so tight with so much love, and even though she tried to hold back her tears, she can’t.  It never stops falling in her face with her shuddering voice asking, “Where have you been Dad?”

“I miss you so much, I am searching you for so long, and I can’t believe you’re here now! I love you Dad!” (Jane’s whisper in her Dad…)

“I love you too my Dear daughter… I’m always here for you” (His Dad’s reply…)

Jane looks straight to the eyes of her father and she hesitantly asked: “Really Dad? I never experienced that growing up, you’re always nowhere”.

“I have a lot of questions that up to now are unanswered.  I have a lot of things I never understand, even though I tried sooooo hard to grasp it.”

”I wanted to ask these questions to you for so long. Where you have been Dad?” Jane repeatedly asks her father.

Jane’s Dad just smile and looked in her eyes with assurance and said, “I know my Dear because I never left you ever since.”

“Do you remember the time wherein you are looking behind you to request me to buy ice-cream for you?” Jane’s dad asked her.

“Yes, Dad! I remember that I was so sad that day, I feel alone.”

“But I was there Anak (“Anak” is a Tagalog word for “child”)!  Do you remember that your teacher bought your favorite chocolate ice-cream & gave you your red balloon? – It’s because I instructed her to do so.

“Do you remember your family event in school…?”

“Yes, but you’re not there Dad” With a long face, Jane insisted.

“I was there too Anak, you won right? Because that time I gave you good strategy to get it.”

“But in the family picture Dad, you’re never there”…this is for sure…

“I was there as well Anak, I am the photographer!  🙂 Who gave you the “Family” more than “picture”? You are with your Mom, Lolo (grandfather), Lola (grandmother), and your other relatives. I know that they love you so much.

“So you’re always their Dad?”  Because you know all those things very well. (Jane ask her Dad)

Amazing Dad right? He is always there in times that we thought he is not around.

I have good news for you, friends!

This Dad can be your Dad as well! 🙂

How many times in our lives that we feel the same? We feel alone, we feel that we are the poorest child living on this planet earth, we lack a lot of things that others are enjoying, we have a lot of unanswered questions, we have doubts, pains, struggles, etc.

I understand that what you might need is a Dad like Jane’s.  A Dad who can comfort you, and fill your emptiness inside.

This Dad is accessible, & can be your Dad as well!

He is God!

He wants to talk to you and say to you: “My child… I am always here for you”

You’re past can be so much excruciating for you, your present can be a struggle, but do you know what… You’re Dad has answers and perfect plans for you. (Jeremiah 29:11)

“Most of the time we focused on things that we don’t have, rather than being grateful for what we already have”

Talk to your DAD today, and he is ready to listen.
Pray. Be appreciative. Be more loving. Be the person you always wanted to be.


Praying for your Success & Happiness,



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