I remember my conversation with my Lola (grandmother) one day.   Let’s call her Lola Penny (Not her real name).  That was one of the funniest, inspiring, and magnetic moments I had with her. Why? Because she shared to me the love story she had with her one and only love, Lolo Berting hehe… (Again, not his real name).  I really enjoyed it. Hehe. Kilig much!:-)

Lola Penny started when Lolo Berting (grandfather) is courting her during their times.

She blushingly shared how Lolo need to make some harana (serenade) to express his love to her, she shared that my Lolo is always accompanied by his close friends to provide moral support for him, apart from singing with him.  Not mentioning that they have to chop woods for cooking, draw water from excavation, and bring foods for the whole family, and a lot more. (By the way, I find that gestures so sweet up to now, super Pinoy style! 🙂 )

Lola hold my hand and begin to whisper and said: Do you know that I really don’t like your Lolo? …If there were 10 guys in our barrio during that time and I would have a chance to rank them from 1-10, 1 being the highest rank, 1 would put your Lolo to Number 10.Hehe.

I looked at her, and asked: Why Lola, you looked so in love with Lolo now? How come that you didn’t like Lolo back then?

Lola penny’s answer gets my attention, she said: Your Lolo is not that attractive during that times, but he has one thing that another guy’s in our barrio don’t have.

What is it, Lola? I asked curiously.

Lola: FAITH!

Me: What do you mean by that Lola?

Lola: Your Lolo is super sure, and no doubt at all that even though he is still courting me during those times, he is already assuming that he is my husband already. Even though during those times he is aware that I don’t like him for me, he still insists and perseveres to get my Yes. That’s FAITH!

According to the dictionary, FAITH is to believe in something even though you don’t see it.

And that’s exactly your Lolo is during those times. Even though I always say no to him, he is still stuck with his goal, “To get my sweet Yes!”.  🙂

You can always saw him in our home bringing foods for my whole family, cutting woods, and even building a house for us, until he finally does the “pamamanhikan” with his whole family, shared to my parents his plans for us, and a lot more.

Take note: He knew very well that I don’t even like him. But that fact never holds him back, He persevered. And you know the result Apo! He got my sweet yes, and you are one of those fruits. Hehe.


 In conclusion, FAITH can make impossible, possible.  

We have to remember the time when we are all babies.   Even though we fall, or misbalance many times, we try again and again to walk.  We are persistent to take different kinds of approach every time we fail to do the first one. One day, we walked!”

This is the same thing with our lives. Maybe you failed many times, you feel disappointed, hopeless, and you feel there’s no way for you.

We need to remember that people who are really successful experienced many failures in their lives.  One of those is Col. Sanders, the owner of KFC. He was rejected 1,012 times before KFC was born. But he was so persistent enough to continue speaking to people and offer his recipe, and until the 1,013 talk, he received Yes!

But that Yes, made Col. Sanders, where he is right now, and even his future generations will inherit the fruit of his persistence. I bet that Col. Sanders would still continue to do what he believed in if the 1,013 didn’t say yes to him. But because of his persistence even though he is in his old age during those times, he gets what he want.

He believed that:

“Life is not about you couldn’t do so far, it is what still you can do”


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