The clock alarms loudly at 4.a.m., Enzo wake up, prayed, read the scriptures, fixed his bed, take his favorite breakfast which is coffee and hot pandesal with dairy cream, take his shower, dress up and sit down and take some time to plan for what he will go to do for the whole day, do the at least the 1 most important thing he have to do pertaining to his goals, and go to work after.

Enzo is a dreamer, he loves to plan, and take action towards his plan. One of his plans is to give a house & lot to her mother as a thank you gift for all the sacrifices, and love he received from her, and also she doesn’t want to see his family being like an N.P.A or “No permanent Address”   again and again.

Because it brings so much pain on him to just imagine it happening again & again in their life.

This reason drives Enzo so much to work harder & grow more as a person.

Enzo has plans, but he makes sure that he is always taking baby steps to what are the things he wants to achieve.

That’s why he is always open to opportunities that will help him improve daily, he always attends seminars after his working hour, seeking help from mentors and truly rich people, and applying all the learning’s he got into his daily routine.

Enzo’s life is tough already.  He is constantly facing different kinds of problems, but he never considers it as an excuse for him to stop and keep on believing and moving forward.

In one of the seminars he attended, he learned that “It’s not about how much money we earn that counts, it’s how much we keep”

From that day on, He becomes more discipline in handling his finance, he spends less, saves, and invest more and in 5yrs time he has already the capacity to make his dream into reality.

Luke 14:28 “Supposed one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?”

In this verse, we will understand that to achieve something that we want, we have to take various steps first to finally get it. We need to use our FAITH or in other words, take ACTIONS towards what we really want. We need to plan and do necessary things to get the fulfillment of our goals, like what Enzo did.

For example, Many of us want to become rich and to live a prosperous life. But the question is, are we using our FAITH or are we doing necessary ACTIONS to get it?

Are you taking some baby steps today that is helping you to finally get your goal?
If not, today is the right time to start friends!


Praying for your Success & Happiness,



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