During our recess (the favorite subject that most high school students..hehe) I saw some of my classmates playing guitar. One played the base; one is the lead, while one who is the singer is strumming her guitar.

I really love music. Because growing up, that’s one way for our whole family to bond. Especially if we have special occasions in our home in the province.

I saw them take pleasure in what they are doing.  As a result, I, as one of their audience enjoyed the jamming as well :-).

I love it because it has the power to transfer positive emotions from one person to another, and I find it so amazing that time.

I remember that because of that moment, I am inspired to buy my own guitar, and learn how to play it.

I thought playing guitar would be an easy task for me because it seems so easy, just strum up and down and that’s it. Just sing as you do it. And it would sound great like what I heard when my classmates do it.  Hehe..

But sad to say, that’s not the case. Along the way, I began to learn that there are chords that I need to hold before strumming.  Not mentioning that the tips of my fingers gained callous during the process.

During those times, I want to look for someone who can teach me how to do it rightly. And Ting! (Aha! – an idea) Came to my mind, and I thought my uncle can be the answer.

Because I know that he is very good playing guitar and we have 1 guitar in our home maybe it would be easy because I have a teacher. Hehe

My Uncle is playing his guitar

This is it! This is the right time for me to approach him.  I sit in front of him, looked at his right-hand strumming, and after, I look at his left hands holding the chords, and then he asks me the question: What are doing Mafe? Why are you looking at me that way?

And because he is the one open that topic, it would not be that hard for me to tell him my hidden agenda. Hehe..  I said, Tito (in English, Uncle) can you teach me how to play guitar?

He looked at me, and then he smiles. The truth is I don’t really know if he said yes or no during those times but as far as I can remember, I am really decided that time, and even though he said “No” I would still insist. Hehe.

The truth is I learned how to play guitar (the basic chords) through song book and not from my Tito, I remember that even though I don’t know how it works. I just follow the instruction in the song book and Ting! I learned! Hehe.

Note: I don’t claim to be expert in playing guitar. I can just say that if you let me play guitar I can play at least 1 song. Hehe.. That’s how good I am. I only learn the basic because during those times that’s enough for me.

That scenario I had during high school, gave me 1 important realization in life.

NOTHING CAN STOP A DECIDED PERSON – During those times, I don’t have my own guitar, mentor, I don’t know how to read chords even in the song book, and in other words, playing guitar is really a brand new thing for me. But those reasons above didn’t stop me from continuing learning how to play guitar.

Why ?

Because I am 100 % decided that time. And I really want to learn how to play it (period).

This can be applied in our day to day life.  I know that we have different kinds of goals in life and we want to make this year the best year ever for us.

It can be in our spiritual life, family, health, love life, career, business, etc. and in these goals, we will learn that all we need to do is to be decided 100 % and commit to ourselves to do it whatever it takes. And for sure, you will achieve your plans step by step.

We only need persistence and focus to do it. And one day, you can say to yourself that you’re done doing it already. And you’re more ready to new exigent goals to achieve for your life.

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