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Just came from been a super blessed coffee session (na nauwi sa pizza and ice tea session:-)) last night with Fitz Villafuerte and with Ready to be Rich Members.

Today I just want to share some “#hugot” that I learned last night that can be helpful to you as well. You’ll surely enjoy it. Just click the link below to read the full #hugot moments with Fitz and the rest of the team:-)

Let’s start with the Hugot together with my realizations.

HUGOT#1: Wala talagang forever!
Let’s face the reality that during our childhood,  we always fantasized about having our own “forever”. We always dreamed of happily ever after moments with our prince charming, etc. But in reality, it can be possible to be true but let’s face the fact that along the way no matter how good your relationship with other person / present situation right now, everything can change. It can be applicable to things, or even the person you love.
Along the way, there can be challenges to come, and it is inevitable.

But my realization in this is- Since wala talagang forever,  and “change” is the only forever thing in this world, I realize that choosing to face each day with “gratitude”. By appreciating the things I already have,  and being “excited” for the better change to come- because I believe I have a “purpose” to be in this situation, and I believe you have a purpose as well. Let’s just used it to add value to other people because at the end of the day it’s not only about the money you,  it’s about “self-fulfillment” that can truly make you happy.

Don’t think that you have all the time for that purpose / you take hold of the word “forever” that might hinder you to see the “better version of You!” Just do it and do it and do it!
If you failed,  learn from it and keep on moving forward.

HUGOT#2: Nung ipinanganak ka: Ikaw umiiyak, pero tao sa paligid mo nakangiti. Diba mas magandang mangyari naman na pag nawala kana: sila umiiyak, pero ikaw nakangiti(purpose delivered!)
I believe,  na bata, matanda, may ngipin o wala has a purpose that is needed to be delivered. And by just imagining that moment to happen na you live your life to the fullest and your purpose is successfully executed is a priceless thing right?

My realization: Many people, most especially (your love ones) may not understand you at first in your “purpose”(this can be discovered in the process of trying different things) but always remember that at the end of the day, It’s your life, not their life! I am sure that you don’t want to blame someone in the near future right? Take charge today.

Because in reality, you cannot please everyone. Just remember the “SW4 System”
Some will like you,
Some will not,
So what,
Someone’s need (your purpose)
NEXT (Move on)

Hugot#3 Mahal mo ba ko kasi kailangan mo ko, o Kailangan mo ko kaya mahal mo ko?

Diba super relate much sa hugot na to ang mga taong nagmahal, naloko, nasaktan, at naiwang luhaan. Lalong lalo na sa mga nasasaktan parin ngayon at hindi pa nakakamove on.

Like what I said in my first #hugot, “change” is the only permanent thing in this world.

Katulad ng mga telenovela na pinagkukuhanan mo ng mga #hugot sa buhay, na nagbabago din in time.

Move on,  move on din pag may time friend!:-)

All I’m trying to say is : Why not settle for the things na hindi kana masaya, kung may choice ka naman na maging masaya?

Sometimes we need to explore the bigger world around us than focusing on our mistakes, failures, at nagdurugong puso. (Lols)

In life, I realize that saying : “Goodbye!”(to our old self, friends, family, etc.) can be the most painful situation that you can face,  but if we focus on the better things to come lalo na pag alam mong tama ang ginagawa mo mapapakanta kang “fixing a broken heart…” haha.

P.s: Thanks, Fitz & the whole team for the #hugot moments that turned to be full of realization event of my life.

P.P.S: I hope you enjoyed this simple article today. God bless:-)


Praying for your Success & Happiness,


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