A sweet voice coming out with the companion of some musical instruments…

Oh, my! It’s my neighbor playing musical instruments with his band mates.  And they are really doing well 🙂

I want to tell you, secret friends…  Do you know that during my high school days I was a fan of bands?

There was a moment in my life wherein my friends and I decided to form a band, and guess what, they assigned me to become a vocalist!. And I don’t have any questions why it never pursued…sad to say…

But I’m Happy. Because I moved on. 🙂 Lols!

Let me share with you a story of a friend…

How are you, Anna? (not her real name) I ask a friend one day.

Anna retorted. “I’m fine”. But because of so much emotion inside of her during those times, even though I know that she is a very strong woman. He can’t control the tears anymore to pour down from her eyes and she begins to cry and cry and cry.

I just give him a hug while saying to her that everything will be all right Anna.  It’s okay…I Remember that during those moments that is the only thing that I can give to her and be a friend whose ready to listen of what had really happened, and why she is so much emotional during those times.

After about 20 minutes and 37 seconds of just crying, howling and weeping. Finally, she decided to stop and begin to open up.

She told me Mafe, Did ever experienced spending a lot of good memories with the person you love so much, he is always giving you flowers and chocolates in your daysary,  love letters every weeksary, gifts every monthsary, composing a song for you every anniversary, singing even though she sounds like a drum set that is broken and dancing even though he dance like a stick, but you appreciate it so much because he gives effort for you?…

One fine day, while you’re dating in your favorite place, a place where you can find different kinds of flowers, has a lot of trees, you can smell the fresh air. That day was really fantastic!

After we seated on a bench, he hold my hands like what he always do to me, he looked at my eyes with his teary eyes, and he said “Babe, I’m so sorry, I  can’t hide this feeling any more:  (I’m expecting him to give me a diamond ring with him asking me: Babe, Will you marry me?…) and of course, I will answer him: Yes!, since I love him very much.

But that’s not the case. My phantasm never happened. Instead, he said, “Everything was just a game, and you are just our friends subject! I won! 🙂

The whole surroundings become colorless, I want to slay him during those times, but I can’t because I just love him so much….Huhuhuhu…..What would be your reaction if that’s happened to you?

I’m just speechless during those times because I understand that her situation was not easy at all. Because everything she thought to be TRUE, was a big LIE.

How many times in our lives do we feel the same thing?

Maybe you experienced some circumstances such as Someone who is extremely dear to us doesn’t feel the same way for us.  Instead, they Betrayed us, hate us, persecute us, make us so down, misjudge us, lied to us, left us alone with no help to find, failed us, and a lot more disappointments that make us so weak, and during those times we feel so unmotivated to move forward in your lives.

I deeply understand your situations friends, because, like all of you, I’ve been there as well.

I must agree that it’s so hard to move on, to let go, and to forget those painful feelings we’ve gone thru or we are currently facing today. But we must face that reality that you’re not the only person facing that kind of situation!

Most probably, there’s a lot more out there who faces much bigger challenges than you are. Maybe they are your closest friends or even family members whom every time you see them they are always smiling, enjoying your company, etc. but deep inside of them they are trampled, they are so wounded inside, but they hide it and they try to be okay in your company.

And instead of helping them to be healed, you always defiled them with “Your own concerns” feeding to them about how bad life for you, How your boss is so unfair for YOU! How the people around you doesn’t help You! , “How selfish others because of the things they’ve done unto you, and a lot more of “Ako, Me, I, Myself”.

Think of these friends: Did you ever think that sometimes, this world is Not only about You?

Instead of becoming so emotional about many things, and passing to someone the trash you want to remove in yourself that is happening in your life, why try to do something that will help you grow, move on, love, and be loved, forget, and live positively?

What is hindering you from doing it? By continuing doing your “Emo things”  only and not moving forward to face the real world, would you really be truly happy?

If yes, then go ahead continue what you are doing…

If you think you’re not, it’s the right time to be DIFFERENT


“If you want something, you’ve never had before, try to do something that you’ve never done before”


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Praying for your Success & Happiness,


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