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Kumusta po?

As promised, here’s the first part of our email course series.

But first Let me introduce myself shortly, my name is Marife Rosas. Like you I always wanted to start my own business that’s why I tried opening different kinds of traditional business, joined several MLM business but not even one of those business ideas I had, gave me the fulfillment I always wanted to have.

Those businesses are good business because those serves as my training ground, But I found out that those businesses have their own system that is not perfectly made for me.

I remember calling it my own business before this is when I am in MLM, but the truth is: It’s not mine. I’m only the “Commissioner”, pinaganda ko lang! 🙂

My Journey was not easy.

It requires me to take big decisions in my life, just to pursue entrepreneurship.

Until one day, I found out that those “Big risks” I made before is not required to build the business I always wanted to have. There are right ways to safely build it right.

That’s the reason why this Mini Course was launched.

To know more about me, click here.

I know how it feels to have “business idea”.

We are so much excited to start, and upfront we are thinking of Resigning to our 8-5 work, and become a fully pledge entrepreneur.

We are deciding without thinking!

I understand that our End goal is to become an Entrepreneur but before quitting your job, face this fact:

“If you quitted your job that fast, you will lose all your benefits, and salary that easy!

But we have to face, that the electricity, rental, phone, and other bills will continue to come.

So instead of doing that, here’s what I suggest.

Take Advantage of your Full-time Job, use that to TEST your idea, and your income as your BUFFER in your start-up business.

Here’s what you can do:

Have your own BUFFER FUND–We have to keep in mind, that building your own business will most of the time needs Money to fully run.

Maybe, you may encounter people who will say: “Negosyong Laway lang ang puhunan” This scenario can be true. But I bet, they spent lots of their Timeto convince people in the product/service they are offering and the reason why they are doing that because they wanted to earn money to boost more their business idea.


In other words, you will need money along the way to start and hopefully expand your business.

Building a buffer fund might be hard for you, I understand that.

But as you develop this kind of habit, it will be easier for you to continue doing it along the way; because you will see as well the advantage of it in your journey as an entrepreneur.

Buffer Fund, can give you “Peace of Mind” in pursuing your dream business.

Instead of worrying paying your bills, you can focus all your strength in building your own business.

Sounds great?

To make it easier for you to build your buffer fund, I want to share with you one of the Proven and Tested Formula that helped thousands of people, including myself, that gave a huge impact in our business idea.


We will notice that this formula has 3 parts.

In my case, this 3 simple parts of the formula helped me a lot to pursue my dream business.

The first part is Tithes wherein 10% of my Salary go.

I do this for quite long now, and I notice that it helps me a lot to grow more in my finance.

Personally, it gives me joy because even though (God) don’t need my money because He owns everything anyways. I know that my money can be used to much more useful things that will help many. Since I’m returning to Him, God gave me more than I can ever imagine.

Try and you will see 🙂

The second part is the Buffer Fund I am talking about which can be 20% or more of your salary. It depends on your responsibilities or your discipline in managing your finance.

The third part is your Expense Fund. Yes, this must be the last part of your formula.

It means that you must do the first 2 part first before paying your Meralco, Nawasa, Pldt, Puregold, Credit Cards, and other bills. Besides, all the owners of those companies are rich already right?

Today, it’s your chance to be one!:-)

Take advantage of this formula while you still have sources of income in your full-time job.

Warning: If you follow this formula, you will see slowly, but surely the improvement in your finance that will going to refuel you to push through in your dream business.

Truth: Mahirap naman kasing iimagine na successful na negosyante ka, tapos kahit ipon wala ka diba?

Be Different!

Praying for your Success & Happiness,


Founder of Christian Infopreneurs Academy
Author/Infopreneur/Financial Advocate