Hi, Friend!

Kumusta po?

Here’s the last part of our email course series.

And this is really what we need.

It’s Self-Education with Massive Execution!

When I say this, I don’t mean enrolling in traditional school wherein we will take subjects that most of the time are not applicable to our daily life and improvement of ourselves.

What I mean is that you will invest more of your time and even money in learning things that will be helpful for you to move forward in the business that is connected to your passion.

Even the scripture said in Matthew 7:7, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”

It means that finding your passion, and having an idea will not be enough to thrive in your own business. In order for us to do that, we need to find mentors, read books or blogs, attend seminars, etc. that is connected the business you wanted to start.

You might probably say, but Mafe I don’t have resources to do that.

I only have enough, minsan nga kulang pa ang natatanggap ko tuwing 15/30 eh.

I understand that friends. Kasi napagdaanan ko din yan.

But let me ask you this question: How many gimmicks did you attended, bags, shoes, or gadgets you bought helped you succeed?

Nakapaglabas kaba ng pera?

Pero wala ka nun nyan diba?

Sorry but I have to tell you this: “May pera ka naman talaga, minsan di mo lang nagagamit ng tama.”

About 2 yrs. ago, I don’t have savings, investments, don’t have even an idea to write a book, don’t know to make a website, and a lot of things I don’t have or even have an idea to do it.

But one day, I decided to say to myself: Enough is enough Mafe! I did what I shared to you above, and thanks be to God I did it.

It’s a tough journey!

Many people whom I look up to don’t believe me.

Many people whom I expected to be part of my journey turn their back to me.

But thanks be to God, He is faithful and never left me in every step I take.

And now I can say: Investing in myself is the best investment ever!

Yes, I spent a lot of money to buy books, enroll in specific courses connected to my passion business, and even time studying etc. But it’s all worth it!

Anu ba gusto mo: Happiness na panandalian o nagtatagal?

Make right decision today!


Praying for your Success & Happiness,



Founder of Christian Infopreneurs Academy
Author/Infopreneur/Financial Advocate




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  1. Gusto ko mag start maginvest, seaman ako at may asawa. anu po ba ang magandang step sa tulad kong beginner thank you