I wake up a bit late today, Time check: 5:45 am. Maybe for some, it is still early but for me, it is super late. Hehe..

But do you know what? GOD is just amazing because He still gave me more than enough time to make this day super motivating & productive for me.

How can you say that you are productive Mafe? Maybe you would ask, in this simple blog post you will know 🙂

Let me share with you shortly what are the things that I am doing daily that is really helping me a lot to live my “ideal life”.

In my opinion, in order to live an ideal life, you must first “Describe” what it is for you. And the second one is “Do” things that you have to do in order for you to achieve that ideal life that you always wanted to have.

Is it easy to remember right?

Just Describe and Do it.

It is easy to say, but to tell you honestly, it’s a bit challenge to execute.

In my case, it takes years of constant try before I finally disciplined myself to do it the right way, and God is a big part of that “change”.

Let me share with you what I personally did to live my ideal day: (I hope it will help you to life your ideal day too. 🙂 )

1. Describe– I literally list down all my goals that I wanted to achieve this year,  put deadlines on it.

2. Do it– Before I finally do it,  I first list down everything that I have to do for each goal for me to remind myself that if I really want to hit that goal of mine, I must take action, and do it.

One of my goals is to have a balanced life, and how I make that goal reality, here are the things that I do:

In my Spiritual life – Right after I wake up, what I am doing is spend the first minutes of my day with Him (Jesus).

What I usually do is to pray and meditate in His words that are helping me a lot to grow more in my spiritual life, that is always giving me more than enough strength to continue living the ideal day that I know, He always wanted me to live.

In my Health Yahoo! 🙂  Finally, I started it my long-time “dream to start my exercise routine” today! Hehe.. I am thankful that I already found my “exercise buddies” that can help me to be more fit and healthy.

To tell you honestly, it been my long time goal, but because I always think “I do walking naman daily, and I am not that fat to do it” so it is not required for you Mafe….hehe.. those little excuses I have to make me “stuck” and that is why, my long time goal become stuck as well, but thankfully that is over now! Hehe..

In my Social Life – To tell you honestly, and if you really know me personally, you can say that I am an “Introvert” person. I’m a shy type, if you will not first approach me, I will not talk to you as too 🙂 That’s who I really am and Thankfully by the grace of God, I can say, that I am a bit improving. Lols

I do have friends, but they are just the same people that I always surround with, my church mates, business partners, etc.

I love them so much, and they are motivating me a lot to move forward and hit my goals, etc.

But just last night, I experienced to be with “different crowd” I am with “authors” and “mentors”.

I can say that it is an amazing experience for me as a “learner and aspiring author” to be with them, to hear their stories, insights, etc. I really feel so blessed to be part of it because aside from a very nice place wherein you can find a lot of books that you can borrow if you want, the friendly staffs, hot chocolate infused with salted caramel, the ambiance that I really enjoyed, etc.

The moment that really impacted me so much is to be surrounded with Lovely people inside and out who are really open to sharing their learning’s to the group.

And the interesting part of it that I believe each one of us has, is a “Desire to help other people for HIS glory!”

And that was really a big thing for me.  Because after all, all things that we are doing right now are just “Temporary” but to become a good steward of God by just using our God given talents to bless other people is really a great purpose and mission.

That’s what I believe that He wants us to do & take action on it.

This meeting helps me a lot and stretched my “mindset” to have a greater vision in my life.

I hope that this blog post inspired you to take a leap of faith and go after to live your “Ideal day”!


Praying for your Success & Happiness,



Founder of Christian Infopreneurs Academy
Author/Infopreneur/Financial Advocate