My Journey In Becoming A Christian Infopreneur!

Dear Fellow Christian Entrepreneur,

Hi, my name is Marife Rosas. I’m a Christian Entrepreneur. I’m an author of three business books. I’ve been featured in the Philippine Inquirer. I was also invited to seminars and events to speak about entrepreneurship and business. 

For the past 2 years, I’ve been making money online. Living the “laptop lifestyle” many people dream of.

I can travel wherever I want, whenever I want. I’m also able to help my parents with their bills. Even assist my siblings financially with school.

But that’s not the REAL REASON behind my journey as an entrepreneur.

The real reason is, so I can serve God more. I believe God gave me this path so I can glorify His name more, and I did!

This lifestyle allowed me to be more active in my local church, volunteer in different ministries, and share the Good News with people who need it most.

However, that wasn’t always the case…

Five years ago, I had no direction. I was broke and hopeless.

I even questioned God’s plan for my life…

Let me tell you why:

My mother always told me:

“Anak, aral kang mabuti ha? Pagkatapos mo makapaghanap ka ng magandang trabaho. Yan lang kasi ang maipamamana ko sayo”.

Does this sound familiar?

I’m the breadwinner of my family. That’s why while studying in PUP Sta. Mesa, I looked for opportunities to earn money while studying.  

One of those opportunities I found was MLM/ Networking. I was “gung-ho” in every event. I would participate, invite, and even share to as many people as I can.

But, I got burned out fast after…

I didn’t see the results needed to help me, my family, and ministry.

With My Dreams Crushed… I Applied for an 8-5 Job

I quit MLM and found a corporate job.

I was so excited to work. New friends. New environment. New opportunity to help my family.

However, as months passed…

Despite these, I didn’t want to quit.

The salary was actually good. It was a stable source of income. I was able to support myself and family.

But I was living paycheck to paycheck. Di ako nakaka-ipon. Di ko kayang bilhin yung mga gusto ko. Lahat napupunta sa bills at support sa pamilya.

I also had to sacrifice my ministry. You’ll only see me at the church on Sundays. Though, friends and family understood my situation.

But I wanted something more.

I kept asking myself: “there must be something more….right?”

The “Laptop Lifestyle” Discovery

While I was searching for new opportunities, I heard of people living the “Laptop Lifestyle.”

I know about home based jobs. However, people who live the Laptop Lifestyle were different.

They don’t have bosses…

They earn 50,000 pesos per month easily…

Most importantly, they have time freedom and financial freedom…

And I wanted that!

So I buckled down. I did everything humanly possible to go from 8-5 employee to living the Laptop Lifestyle.

I bought dozens of books, enrolled myself in online and offline courses, and even attended workshops and seminars.

Basta may nakadikit na “online” or “digital” sa pangalan ng workshop or course pupuntahan ko or bibilhin ko.

I worked from 8-5 and then studied from 8-12. I almost made learning my second job.

That’s how determined and driven I was…

All in all, I may have spent more than P100,000 or more to learn.

After months of studying, buying courses, and attending seminars, I came to a realization:

Starting an Information Business is the SAFEST TRANSITION from Employment to Living the Laptop Lifestyle

This truth slapped me so hard in the face.

Selling information products (ebook, guides, tutorials) was the best fit for me.

It’s also a great fit for you if you want to start a practical and low-risk business from home.

You don’t have to pay for shipping fees. No inventory needed. No need to contact suppliers, buy products, or ship products.

When I realized this, I got excited and nervous at the same time…because self-doubt immediately crept in.

Like Moses, I became doubtful and made excuses to NOT START.

Excuses like:

If you have these thoughts when you start a business, you’re not the only one.

In spite of these fears, I wrote an information product.

A physical book that would change the direction of my life…journey…and God-given calling forever!

The first book I wrote was entitled: “Shortcut to Success."

It took me ONE YEAR to write this book.

Like any other first try, it was extremely difficult to finish. I was dealing with self-doubt every single day.

I kept asking myself “is this good enough?” and “may bibili kaya nito?”

Despite my doubts, I published the book.

Did I get rich right away? Sadly, no. I only made P5,000 with my first book.

Mga kakilala ko lang rin bumili?

Again, self-doubt creeped in. I felt like a failure.

But unlike the yesteryears, I was more determined. I retraced my steps, refined my process and wrote my second book.

This time I used the alternative route and wrote an e-book.

Thank God I didn’t quit…because this second book was a HUGE SUCCESS!

All my doubts about building an “Online Business” and “Information Business” faded away when I saw that email from PayPal. 

From that day on, blessings came pouring down.

What changed?

What was the difference between the first book (that only made P5,000) and the second book (that tripled my income)?

The difference was my approach…

Through my newsletter, I will share an Introvert-friendly approach that will help you to sell your Information products online.

To your Success with purpose,

Mafe started from Zero knowledge but able to thrive as a Christian Infopreneur. Right now, she’s running her own coaching program and writing books to serve her fellow Christians.

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