We both know that being an Entrepreneur is not an easy task. It demands a lot of planning and actions especially if you are just Building your first business.

That’s the reason why I made this blog post today to share with you what are the simple things that you can do too in order for you to perform better in whatever business you are in today.

Let’s start…

One of my favorite habits that I used to do every day is walking

Intellectually, it gives me time to think and listen to inspirational audio talks daily.

Emotionally, it reminds me to always move forward no matter how little my steps might be.

Physically, I feel fit & healthy that helps me to work better the whole day.

Socially, it gives me a chance to meet new people along the way, that even though you might not know them deeply, at least you will just know them by their face! :-), or at least may “Katanguan kana” Hehe.

In my situation, I do walking or jogging with my friends, it’s become one of our bonding most of the time that gives us a chance to throw jokes at each other, and sometimes “be the joke” (I have a friend who is really a good joker- I really appreciate & love her for that, she really makes us laugh every day).hehe

We do this early in the morning that’s why we are really energized the whole day.

Spiritually, it blesses me so much.  I appreciate more all things around me & remind me how God is so great & in control of everything, that always gives me hope daily.

And financially, it saves me money!  Because most of the time, instead of riding tricycle I will just walk! 🙂 Try it! It will help you too… 🙂

This simple habit that I decided to do 3 yrs ago, and do it consistently really blessed me a lot, and contribute a lot to move forward daily in all areas of my life.

Isn’t Amazing?… 🙂

One great day, as I am walking with my friends, I notice one plump woman in one corner, she is alone by that time but you can see in her the strong motivation as she is consistently doing her warm-up, walking, and jogging daily.

As I continue to walk, while listening to inspirational audio talks installed on my smartphone, My friend who is at my back during those times, approached me and asked me, “Mafe, Did you hear the group of teens that we just pass by a few minutes ago?…”

I removed my earphone, and looked at her innocently, and asked her: “Hmmp.. I don’t…What did they say?”

My friend continued, and she said, “Maganda naman katawan ni ate, bakit nagjojogging pa sya?”in English (My body is great, why do I need to do jogging daily?)

I and my friend just laugh at it. Hehe.

But we both feel good, at least someone is noticing the change right? 🙂 (But at the back of my mind, I am thinking, so walking really works for me, many people are noticing it and the teens are just one of those…)

As I am thinking deeper, there’s one question that marked in my head: “Is it really hard to see fit people maintaining their robustness, and much easier to comprehend people who stout to exercise?”

Sad to say, this is the common practice of most people around us.

Many people wait to become sick before they change their lifestyle or the food they eat.

Some wait for the right time before they plan & prepare for their future and even for their own family.

How many times I saw and hear stories of women who are in their labor day, and ready to give birth to a new life, but even diapers, oil, soap, etc. that serves as the basic needs of a newborn baby is not yet prepared.

As a woman & a child, my heart is always pierced by knife every time I will witness it.

“How would you feel if you are the baby in this situation? Would you feel great about it?

It seems that 9 months is like a lightning that comes & go, and it is not enough to prepare for even your basic things?

I understand that we are in different situation.

If you are the woman giving birth to a child that day, what kind of life you want your child to experience?

I am sure; you want only the best for your child right?

Why not start preparing today?

Action Steps:

Develop a healthy habit every morning that will lift you up daily.

Write all your goals for yourself and for your loved ones in your journal/diary.

Pray for it.

Act towards it.
Is your goal includes building your own business this year?

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Praying for your Success & Happiness,



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