Do you know a person who always complains about all things?… Some complaint because of the company, the boss, office mates, the system, government, and a lot more.

Most of us, it’s our nature that when we failed to do something, the tendency is we pass the responsibility of failing to others. Forgetting the common denominator which is always there with the people, place, or situation which is ourselves!


Ouch! It hurts right? But it’s true. Like what they always say’s “the truth shall set us free”:-)

I remember one person who is like this. In one of our conversation, she told me, that she is tired to work because she is working almost all of her life but up to now she doesn’t have savings, investments, etc.

In every conversation we made when this topic comes, she would repeatedly say the same scenario and always say to me that next year, it will never be the same again.

I want to save, invest, start a business, etc. But the sad part is she wants it only, but she is always repeating what she already doing before, which is not connected to what result, she wants to have.


My friends, I would like to remind all of us, Wanting is different from Doing things, or Taking Actions on it. Probably all people if we would ask them if they want to have their own savings, investments, and business. I’m sure all of them would say they want! But the truth is, very few actually does it and surely, those who take actions are the only one who will reap its fruits.


This can be a common sense of many but common sense without common practice.

P.S.: So my friends, what group do you belong? Those who want things but don’t take actions? Or the group of Doers who always takes Actions and reap good fruits?


My prayer is, may all your Dreams turn into reality. I hope this article helped you to take another step forward to your financial freedom journey. God bless 🙂

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