Not so long ago, I had simple but very memorable bonding with my friends.  In that bonding, one of my friends tried riding zipline, and me? I am there at the end of zip-line destination to take photos for her…hehe:-)

Do you know why? Because at the back of my mind, I am afraid to try it because I didn’t do it before.

But about a few months ago, we had an out of town and unexpectedly there is another “zip-line”” in the place. As expected, the mindset I had never changed, I am still describing it as “a line of my fears”.

I remember one line that I read on facebook. It say’s, Fear is False Expectation Appearing to be Real, but to make it real, you must first accept it.

But I didn’t accept it that time.

Challenged by the senior citizen beside me, I move forward and face my fears.

I would agree that the first push is the most uncomfortable, but when you are in the middle of the ride, you will be more comfortable, in fact, nakuha ko pang mag selfie ng 10x habang nasa taas, & I realize na di na pala ko takot:-)

One lesson I learned here is: you will only discover the truth about your fears by facing it and by faith.

When you think that you are afraid in one thing, be a man of courage and try it anyway because even though you might fail, the most important thing is that you will learn.

It’s better to fail but you know that you are moving forward than to be afraid, but no growth at all.

Are you courageous to face your fear of failing in your first business?

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