I do believe all people are exceptional human being, unique, and special in their own ways. But most of us are not aware of it, and as a result, we didn’t give time to nourish it or improve it for our own good.

So my friends, as the title says, it’s the Power of You! Yes, let’s talk about YOU! I know that you have a great desire to succeed in life like what I want to be.

That’s why you are giving your precious time to improve yourself, to learn more, and finally apply all things that may help you to move forward toward your goals.

But before we go deeper regarding our subject which is YOU, let me share with you one of my favorite expression that I always say to myself. “My past does not equal my future”. Yes my friends, maybe you failed before, you tried and it didn’t work.

It’s okay my friends. The most important thing is you stand again, you learned from it, and at least you tried! Always remember this; all successful people experienced the same thing.

Maybe worst than what you are experiencing now. But do not give up, instead always look forward and keep on focusing on your goals, continue acting towards it, and time will come you will realize that you get it already. But I’m telling you, it will not be that easy. But remember, *(BIG CHALLENGES=BIG SUCCESS)*

So are you going to give up in your situation right now? Or you will decide to face big challenges, Persecutions, tribulations, in order for you to get the success that you want? Be with us on this Journey!

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Praying for your Success & Happiness,


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  1. #My past does not equal my future. -I will keep that in my mind, because it’s true. 😀