In one small town, you can find a very special group of people. They were, Juan Dela Cruz family, Juan (the father) has 4 sons named: Pedro, Mateo, Marcos, and Santiago.

One day, Juan decided to send his 4 sons one by one to a place that is so new to them, Their father gave them a task to “describe a tree” that they will go to see in that place once the father asks them to go back home.

Juan called Pedro at first and asked him:  What did you saw in the place I sent you?  Pedro answered: Father, I saw a tree which is so dry, no leaves on it and its almost dying.

After Pedro, he called the second son named Mateo and he asked the same question and he said: Father, I saw a tree that is full of leaves, it’s so green and It feels so good to rest beneath it.

On one hand, Marcos arrived and he reported: Father I saw a tree which has a lot of flowers, its fragrance is amazing, etc.

On the other hand, Santiago arrived and he reported: Father, I saw a tree that is full of fruits, I even tasted its fruits. It’s so delicious. Sooo.. Yummy! 🙂

Juan (Father): responded to his sons, “My sons, do you know that the tree you are describing to me is the same tree?”

I sent each one of you in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

That’s why you saw it differently, but the truth is it’s totally the same tree.

This situation can be compared to our lives.

We have different weather, sometimes we are in the drought moment, wherein we experience challenges and we found it so hard to pass but we can assure ourselves that we will never be the same forever.

Time will pass and your situation will change. Like what Kuya Kim Atienza used to say, ”Ang Buhay ay whether whether lang!”

If you are in pain, difficulties, and challenges today, don’t worry, this whether that you are facing will pass. And your Victory time will take place. Just persevere. And Hold on. “Darating din and oras mo! :-)”

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