A few months ago, I have given a chance to write an article to one of the Top Personal Finance Blog here in our country. I feel so blessed to have that kind of opportunity to share to my fellow youths and kababayan what I have learned so far in my personal finance Journey. If you haven’t read that article yet just click this link: How to Avoid Being Broke in your 20’s.

Recently, someone emailed and asked me: Mafe, what if I am seriously in debt, do you think starting my own business will be the best solution?

My answer: Yes!, but make sure that you will not borrow money again with a reason of just starting a business.

Remember: If you are seriously in debt, the first solution that you have to think is “How to pay it off” & thinking that you can pay it off for another debt would be a huge risk for you.


Because first, you have to realize that “Managing your finance right” is one of the most important skills that you must learn.

Because no matter how much money you will earn in your business, but if you don’t know how to manage the little that you have that brought you to be in deep debts, there will be a huge factor for you to do it again & again. Unless you really decide to change.

To make it clear: Having a business is a huge source for you to pay off your debts, but don’t borrow again. Learn how to use what you already have: the talents, skills, knowledge, and experience you have to pay off your debts and grow your business.

But if you think you are debt free,


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