Hannah is an excellent woman.  She is intelligent, polite, charitable, dedicated with her work and she is so good with it.  From teenage to her adult time he dedicates almost all her time to study and be great at it.

She even forgets to build her own family, she has no time to get to know someone, she has no time to exercise, the only relaxation that she gives to herself is “Go Shopping, Spend everything she earned and buy branded things”. But aside from that, only going home and the office is her life.

Until one day, she went to her office as she usually does, she was on time, but she is shaken because she found out nothing there.  Everything was burned and only ashes can be seen.

Her boss talks to her and the boss said: Hannah, we lost everything. I don’t know how long our business can recover, even though we value your service so much to us, we have no choice but to close the business and wait until it recovered.

Hannah was 50yrs old during those times, and she devoted almost her life in that company but in one blink of an eye, it disappeared.  Even though Hannah would want to find another job, it would be so hard for her to be hired because of her age.

Hannah was so depressed during those times, she misses working in that company, she begins to notice that all her brothers and sisters have their own family, playing with their kids, and they are so happy doing it, but she has none.

She begins to form a lot of What If’s in her life.  Like: What If I never listen to the people around me that are telling me not to know the person courting me during those times, what if I enjoy more of life and have my own family? What If I become much stronger during those times, maybe I am much happier now.

She is deep in debts because she bought things because its sale, even though she will never use it. She realized how much time she devoted to her company, but how much time she wasted for herself.

In this story we will learn 3 things that we can apply in our life:

1. Don’t depend on your job –  in Hannah’s case, she dedicate almost all her life with the company she worked for, she thought that this can be “forever” for her.  That is why she never gives time for herself to grow and live her own life.

2. Be Debt Free – In her case, she overspends.  He never thought of what can happen for tomorrow and losing her long time job never entered in her mind that is why she thought that she can pay it anyways every paycheck, so it’s okay to spend even above her means.

3.  Don’t depend on other people – Hannah has friends in her office, but those friends are a bit depriving her to experience life.  Maybe they have good intentions telling her what she need to do, but if in the near future it will bring more “What If’s” like what happened to Hannah, and bring you to a point that you are going to regret because you never tried, you only follow their advice, I suggest you to be bold enough starting now and follow what is right, and live a life like you really want to live and be happy.

Are you in the situation like Hannah?

Are you really enjoying your life?

If not, learn from Hannah, make necessary actions now, and live a life like you wanted it to be.

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