It’s so nice if you know someone who believes in you. It’s very uplifting when they kept on encouraging you to move forward, always think positive, and always say’s You can do it! Even though most people say you can’t!

I grew up in an environment wherein almost all people around me don’t believe in my Dreams, Goals, and Decisions.

Probably some of them will say they will agree with you, but deep down you know that they actually don’t.

I remember when I was a child; someone in my neighborhood told me that when I grew up, I will become very poor! And time will come that I will beg food to my cousin.

I don’t know what is her reason for saying that to me because I don’t even talk to her or in other words, I don’t do any bad thing to her as I remember.

It’s a great embarrassment on my part especially I’m only 10 or 11 yrs. old at that time. But do you know what, I realize that because of that words coming from a person whom I really don’t know much?

I become motivated to prove to them that I’m not the person she is talking about.

I realize after that very embarrassing event of my life, I started to study much harder and year after year my grades in school are improving.

I know I’m not a very intelligent one, but as far as I remember I’m doing better as the year goes by.

And do you know what is an interesting part about it? That same year, is the same year as well that I started to SAVE! And I remember there are times even the parents borrow money from me.

Imagine a grade school pupil is lending money to a parent. It’s amazing in my part, but a big shame if I will be that parent. I’m not saying that I’m better than them; because I’m not.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m just trying to say to you that all things happen for a reason. And these things can affect you positively or negatively. You are the one who will choose.

It’s by DECISION like what most of the people say, “Life is a Choice!” In that situation I have before I have 2 choices, the first one is to believe in that woman and prove to them that I am a loser, and the second one is to believe in myself and move forward to become a better person to prove to them and most especially to myself, that I can do it and I will overcome!


Remember: all people will always have their comments to you, even though you do good, bad, or even you do nothing to them. But remember at the end of the day, it’s YOURLIFE! NOT THEIR LIFE!


P.S.: If you experienced the same thing I have gone through. Just remember this; God has prepared Great things for you! In this journey for your success, I just want to say that YOU CAN DO IT! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE! In your journey, it would be a pleasure and an honor for me to be part of it. I hope this article gives you strength and hope to move forward and be a better person…God bless you.


“If you believe you can, I’m sure you can! But if you believe you can’t, your right!”


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  1. true, dont let those people who put us down to be right, but prove to them that we can be a better one